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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is Healthy Cat Litter® really all natural?

    Yes,  Healthy Cat Litter®  is 100%  all natural  and contains  no chemical  deodorants  or fragrances.    It is made of natural zeolite  and other proprietary natural components. 


  • Will Healthy Cat Litter® track throughout my house?

    No,  Healthy Cat Litter® maintains   a very  consistent    micron  size  that  eliminates tracking while  remaining almost dust free.

  • How does Healthy Cat Litter® control  the  strong  ammonia  odor  in the  litter box?

    Healthy Cat Litter® uses exclusive   proprietary technology.    This technology   converts   ammonia   and other  odor  causing   compounds   into  an odorless  organic   enzyme   vapor.

  • Is Healthy Cat Litter® long  lasting?

    Yes,  a 7 lb -pound  box or bag of Healthy Cat Litter®  can  last  up to 30 days.  Only  1.5"-2"  is needed   to use  in the  litter  box  upon  initial  fill.  Every  3-4 days after  removing   solid  waste,  just  pour  .5" new  litter  on top  of the  existing   litter.  When   7 pounds   has  been  poured  into the  litter  box,  the  product   can  be disposed   of and  you  can  start  with  a fresh  1.5"-2"  fill.



  • How should  I dispose  of Healthy Cat Litter®?

    Unlike some other cat litter waste, Healthy Cat Litter® is safe for landfill disposal..   Healthy Cat Litter makes  a wonderful   fertilizer   - just  pour  used litter  on  shrubs,  gardens   or grass  when  ready  to dispose   of.  Natural zeolite   is currently   used as a top  dressing   on  many  USGA  golf  courses.

  • How does Healthy Cat Litter® inhibit  germs?

    Healthy Cat Litter® contains a proprietary natural element that effectively controls  the  spread of pathogens   and germs from the litter box to the floor, furniture, bed, baby's toys etc. Whenever your cat touches   the litter, the element is activated  by moisture in the cat's paws. This reduces the transmission of disease and pathogens from cat to cat and cat to human.

  • Is Healthy Cat Litter® safe for all cat environments?

    Yes,  Healthy Cat Litter®  is safe  for all cat environments, kittens,  multi-cat households and cats with  upper respiratory issues and allergies.

  • Where  is Healthy Cat Litter® made?

    Unlike many silica gel products that  are  made  in China, Healthy Cat Litter® is proudly made in the  USA  (Phoenix,  Arizona)  from  American ingredients. 

  • Is Healthy Cat Litter® a green  product?

    Yes,  Healthy Cat Litter®  was  developed by industry professionals  concerned  with  the  environment.  From  "cradle   to grave",  Healthy Cat Litter  starts  green and ends green!   Healthy Cat Litter  is mined  from  volcanic rocks that are millions of years old and after  usage completely returns  into the natural environment as a fertilizer.

  • Since  Healthy Cat Litter®  is a superior product with  anti-microbial properties,  excellent for the environment, safe, made in the USA and lasts longer -  does it cost more?

    No,  Healthy Cat Litter®  retails  at an average   of 20%-30%   less than  silica  gel cat  litter  product.    You'll save money  and  have  healthier   cats  and  a cleaner home!  Healthy Cat Litter is light weight and extends use by 50% reducing the per use cost compared to other products.

  • Is Healthy Cat Litter® Naturally attractive to cats?

    Yes, Healthy Cat Litter® is attractive to cats and creates Cat Comfort Zones!

  • What happens if my cat eats Healthy Cat Litter?

    Healthy Cat Litter is not harmful to Kittens or Cats.  The beneficial ingredients in Healthy Cat Litter are fed to other animals for health applications and in humans for digestive aids.

  • Which Cat Litter is Best For Your Cat?

    Healthy Cat Litter®! Our domestic cat’s ancestors used sand.  Studies show 9 out 10 cats prefer sand like texture of clumping litter, especially cats with tender paw pads resulting from declawing.


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