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Welcome, Desert's Sand users, to our all NEW Healthy Cat Litter site.  Healthy Cat Litter box


We are excited to announce the introduction of Healthy Cat Litter® to our former “Desert's Sand Cat Litter” customers.


Healthy Cat Litter® incorporated the basic Desert Sand Technology in a more a scientifically advanced formulation and developed a 100% safe and natural “clumping litter”.  Additionally, we reduced the weight of the product, increased the volume (less weight for more product) and extended usage by 50%.  You get more for less.


Healthy Cat Litter® Brand will be the only Brand that we will be marketing in the future.


Making a healthy difference in cats’ lives with Healthy Cat Litter®.


Thank you for caring for your animals by using the best “Healthy Cat Litter®” on the market. We look forward to your comments (and your cat's) after using Healthy Cat Litter®.


Go to our online store and order yours today!



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